About Us

We have had several comments recently which all seem to emanate from disgruntled Merchants. The common accusation is that we are just another affiliate review site, trying to flog diet pills like all the others.

This couldn’t be further from the truth as the whole reason for setting this site up was to expose the seedier side of the diet pill industry. We do receive a commission for some of the products we review, however it does not affect whether we approve or reject a diet pill.

For instance, 99% of the diet pill merchants have some form of marketing incentive in place and it would be very easy to sign up, approve their products and receive a nice commission. This would go against the whole ethos of the site so we do not do this.

Put simply if a diet pill does not meet our criteria then it gets declined, even if we could earn a commission from saying it’s the real deal.

Phen375vs.com is based but not biased! Phen375 product since it has proven tremendous success. We decided to put it in direct comparison with other diet pills in a well researched reviews. And sometimes distinct diet pills prove to be similarly effective as Phen375. And we definitely point that out with transparent reasons. If Phen375 failed to meet the high criteria of opposing diet pill it also gets poor verdict with complete honesty and reasoning.

We DO NOT OWN or have a financial interest in any of the products we feature on this site. This would create a conflict of interest and it would mean we could not look at a product without being biased.

Many of the diet pill merchants out there DO own the diet pills they are reviewing and go as far as advertising these review sites on Google. Of course they approve and rate highly all of their own products, which is against the guidance of the Federal Trade Commission.

We want to be as open and transparent as possible with our visitors, so that they are clear that we may receive a commission for some of the products we recommend.

This gives the consumer the full knowledge they need to make an informed decision.

This is no different from, for instance the large comparison sites that are popular at the moment, as well as the huge retailers like Amazon.