phentermine_37.5_bottle_ReviewDuring my research I’ve began to see this name frequently on many articles “Herbal Phentermine”. I was really interested to know what that is. As you all know Phentermine was one of the leading prescribed drugs in weight loss that made huge spread all over the globe due to its fast and working weight loss effect. If not familiar with this drug you can check Phentermine Reviews article. Phentermine has been removed from the market due to its deadly cardiac attacks in the long term usage and withdrawal symptoms that might lead to addiction in the short term usage. Its side effects dominated its benefits and for that reason it has been banned. But the story did not end there!

does herbal phentermine work“How can we not take advantage of that” that been said by many of the weight loss suppliers. When Phentermine got regulated from the online and offline stores it left behind a big gap which is “Demand”. People were still looking for “Phentermine” … no worse. They were seeking phentermine more than before hoping to find it at online stores. During this period many scams started to pop up from “Herbal Phentermine” to “New Phentermine”…etc. People bought it and sales increased enormously leading to more scams online for that product.

phen375_ReviewsIn 2008, a new product named Phen375 was released by RDK Global. Their intention was to advertise through this gap by giving a new alternative product that can act as a fat burner. They called it “phentemine 375” notice that there is no “r”. People were not deceived as first they were very clear that Phen375 is not anything like “phentermine” not even close. So far this was very ethical, transparent and no problem with it. Later, RDK Global launched an affiliate program for marketers to promote “phen375”. Many marketers interfered with this ethical part by saying Phen375 is the “Herbal Phentermine”. Their main claim was that “it contains Phentermine ingredients but without the side effects”.

It’s also said; “Herbal Phentermine is the new phentermine for 2010, Phen375 will help you lose weight because it contains herbal ingredients as phentermine withdrawing all the chemical harmful ingredients.” This is what I call pure lies, deceivement and scams!

What is Phen375 and How is it Related to Herbal Phentermine?

Using people’s demands and faking it into something that is not. This is considered unethical on so many levels. Phen375 is considered a great fat burner and got the “best fat burner” in 2012 and 2013 but this doesn’t give the right to tell people that it’s  Herbal Phentermine.

Phen375-phentermine benefitsPhen375 is a different diet pill with different structure to provide a new mechanism of action in weight loss. It contains ingredients that lead to production of norepinephrine in the body system. Giving a constant boost in the metabolic rate and with high metabolism comes great amount of energy that energizes the body to do several actives without getting tired. However, the more activity the more you get hungry and the desire for food cravings increase. Appetite suppression starts to initiate after couple of hours of taking the pill. This suppression for food craving may last all day. It’s advised to consume 3-4 small meals per day to avoid getting sick from not eating as you might forget to eat all day.

Hey Bodybuilders this is for you!

Consumers around the globe became supporters to Phen375 after its noticeable effects for bodybuilders. As it contains LongJack Tongkate ALI this prevents muscle mass getting involved with the whole fat burning process. It dissolves the fat surrounding muscles leaving the muscles accentuated and not to mention gives a boosting energy all day. These 2 factors are every bodybuilder’s secret in their toolbox simply more muscles, less fat, more energy.

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Herbal Phentermine Features

When herbal comes as a “prefix” on Phentermine it means the following

  • No prescription required
  • Natural ingredient
  • No doctor consultation
  • Not FDA approved
  • No side effects

This can obviously lead to great misconception to anyone who doesn’t get the story behind herbal phentermine. The story is as follows:

FDA_Bans_Herbal_PhentermineIn 2006, a new company launched so called “Herbal Phentermine” claiming previous claim about how it’s phentermine but without the side effects. After several weeks FDA sent a letter to this new company warning to not use the name “phentermine” as it has been banned and not allowed to be sold in the states. Furthermore, this company closed. Because, people were started to believe it’s the real phentermine. Since phentermine was approved earlier from FDA. People were buying anything having the name phentermine blindly. Obviously this led to many health hazards.

Herbal Phentermine Warning


There are many diet pill supplements under the name “Herbal Phentermine”. I provided Phen375 as an example although there are many similar to it surrounding the market. However, this article is not against Phen375 or any other pill. It’s against the misconceptions and abuse of the Phentermine name. Besides, clarifying is considered an ethical duty to help consumers and users out there as you and me to understand and have a full clear picture of what Herbal Phentermine is.

Bottom Line

Herbal_Phentermine_Is_SCAMHealth Safety is above anything else. Not any weight loss aid prioritizes this rule. Leading to vast amount of pills on the market that; damage more, benefit less. From 2008 till 2014 there have been no reports against Phen375 with huge reorder rate from its customers. Meaning they are clearly satisfied with the results. Phen375 is not a herbal phentermine not even close to phentermine but it’s effective and might lead to satisfying results. Testimonials can be found on the official Phen375 review. It’s is also essential to check the official Phen375 website. Have a healthy weight loss journey filled with safety and achievable results.