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Phen375 FDA Approved! Are You Sure?


Many search terms on Google for “Phen375 FDA” their intention to know if Phen375 is FDA approved. In 1902, a powerful organization rose up called Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It was responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety, dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs.

Over 50 years ago a very popular weight loss drug called Phentermine got approved by the FDA. Then it became the godfather of all prescribed diet pills from Adipex-p, Fastin, Duramine and plenty others. Later on, liver failure cases reports from individuals whom used Phentermine. After several investigations they found out the main cause were Phentermine although users were under regulated dose (safety dose). They were also dealing with cardiac problems. Researchers began to raise a red flag on Phentermine. How can prescribed drug like this  be FDA approved. These investigations were sent to FDA office for further insights. FDA_Phentermine_Phen375

In 1999, FDA took their final decision on banning Phentermine and regulated any phentermine product on the market. A Department of Health European Medical Evaluation Agency spokeswoman told BBC News Online: “No license will be issued for the drug after April 9, 2000.

All of this leads to great fact that not every FDA approved product is completely safe. So to answer this following question

is Phen375 FDA approved?Phen375_FDA_Approved

Phen375 is not FDA approved supplement. After reading this article on how to get a drug FDA approved http://www.dawnbreaker.com/about/phase3_spr10/fda.php . I found the main purpose that small business developing new drugs run after FDA approval as it will make a wide impact when the product is marketed. Many people trust any product blindly once its FDA approved. Especially in the US, truth be told FDA is doing an excellent job in Protecting the public health by assuring the safety, effectiveness, and security of drugs.

Phen375 is a powerful weight loss supplement that has been on the market since 2008. It made a huge improvement over the last years in its ingredients and mechanism of action.  People never stopped talking about it on blogs, Facebook, press and social media posting their before and after pictures, it seems that it done a really good job in promoting itself.

Phen375 is created at FDA Approved labs under supervision of the best pharmacologists. The point that I want to clarify is that Phen375 is not FDA approved and this doesn’t hurt Phen375 reputation in its effectiveness and long lasting results in the weight loss. But it hurts when I see lies and rumors spread out there that Phen375 FDA approved.

Phen375 is highly safe when it comes to biological measures; no side effects. It’s advised to check the full review on phen375. Comparing Phen375 with the rest of diet pills on the market so far it is proving it’s superiority over most pills out there.

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  • Have you heard of people getting in trouble for posting a link to Phen375 on Google Plus? They are saying they are suspending my account for posting a regulated product. I didn’t think it was a “regulated product.” I googled to see if it was and that led me to your site. I am trying to think of the best way to fight this. All I can guess is that someone saw the posting and it was competition for them so they reported me. I posted to a health and wellness group and only did so after looking through what kind of posts others within the group were putting up. There were several dietary products (shakes etc) posted.


    • it is not a regulated product. They mix it with “Phentermine” which has been regulated many years ago. Phen375 is a safe, effective weight loss pill that promotes fat loss acting as a fat burner. Increases metabolic rate, decrease stored fats, reduced appetite. leading to an overall picture of weight loss effect.

    • This pill has been on the market since 2008. What made it successful till now specifically in US/Uk/Australia and generally worldwide answers your question. The only problem some Phen375 users complained about is that. It’s a bit expensive relative to over-the-counter diet pills. Straightforwardly, because the ingredients and the chemical structure of phen375 is expensive. To provide the most efficiency in weight loss balancing it with biological safety.